Three Goodbyes, Part 1

Feb 18, 07:25 PM

I wanted to post this story as one whole, but the demands of the graduate program has kept me from writing the entire thing. The first part has been lying in my drafts for a while though, and I’ve finally decided to post it for the time being. Two more parts will follow this.

s he got on the crowded bus, Yash looked at his mother for the final time. It was late at night, and few people were scattered around the small town bus stop. She gave him a broad smile that looked affected, as do all expressions that betray the emotions of their carriers. His father bore the calm countenance reserved for such occasions. He knew he’ll see them again, but the everyday life that he was used to was coming to an end. No more would he wake up at 10 am, wonder why the alarm that was supposed to go off at 9 am didn’t wake him, and crib for a few minutes to his mother before sluggishly taking the mandatory cup of tea from her hands, served to him without fail every morning. No longer would he wait for his Dad eagerly to arrive at 5 pm from his office, because that’s when the evening breakfast would be laid out—of course, with a cup of tea.

All this would change, and for a moment, Yash felt unprepared for the new life that awaited him at the student’s hostel of the College in the heart of Delhi. Delhi! He had visited the great city only twice before in his life. Now it was going to be his home for the next four years. Excitement and anxiety engulfed him as the bus began to leave; he gave one last glance towards the two fading figures whose waving hands were still visible in the dust the bus let off as it started to move. “Why don’t they ever repair the roads around here?”, he thought to himself.

Soon he was alone; even alone in his mind, devoid of the trivial thoughts that always occupied it: thoughts that had all diminished in the overwhelming sense of…of what? He felt strange emotions appear from nowhere—emotions he couldn’t give words to. As he grappled to grasp these emotions with his 17 years worth of life experience, the lights were switched off, and the bus was soon on a highway. The dark emptiness of the highway seemed to reflect the emptiness within him, but he was tired from a long day of last minute errands: it wasn’t long before he was fast asleep.

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Rahul Jha




  1. Waiting for part 2 and 3 :).

    Paritosh Aggarwal · Feb 26, 07:42 AM · #

  2. Out now :)

    Rahul Jha · Apr 3, 03:22 PM · #