A Final Goodbye

Oct 25, 04:15 PM

Weekend prompt: In 500 words or less, imagine a scenario where a character second-guesses an important decision.

arge trees along the road brooded on their faint shadows as night drew nearer. I knocked on Mr. Mehra’s door. “Ah, the young engineer has come to say his final goodbye?” Mrs. Mehra said cheerfully as she led me in. Mr. Mehra sat on the couch trying to fix a broken clock. He looked up and smiled, “Well don’t forget us once you go to the big city young man,” he blurted, looking as uncomfortable as me, “so what time do you leave tomorrow?”

“Taking the early morning train,” I said, thankful for the mundane question. He got up and shook my hands, “You’re a good boy son, take care and good luck.” As I left their house, a misty-eyed Mrs. Mehra gave me a big hug.

I had spent the evening making a round of the neighborhood, saying goodbyes. Just one house was left.

Mrs. Shah opened the door, “Ah, Vish. I was waiting for you, come on in, sit. Anita!” she shouted, then turned to me, “Do you want some tea?”
I protested, but she stopped me, “Rubbish, I’ll make some, Anita also asked for tea sometime back”, she trotted towards the kitchen as Anita walked in, “Anita, see Vish has come,” she said as she disappeared behind the kitchen walls.

“Hi” Anita said as she sat beside me.
“Hey,” I said. She seemed lost in thoughts. As the abrupt silence grew bigger, I added, “so studying hard for your exam?”
“Yeah,” she sighed, “it’s not fun.” Then she turned and looked at me, “so this is the last we’ll see of you in a while, haan?”
I looked at her, “But I’ll visit often, I’ll see you every once a while.”
“Yeah, I am sure you will Vish” she said and turned back, staring at the wall in front of us.
“Here’s tea”, Mrs. Shah announced as she entered, “So Vish, have you arranged housing already? …”

I walked back towards my house — Should I have told Anita? Was it even true, what I felt about her? We had spent so much time together, but how do you separate friendship from love? And what if she said no? Did I want rejection and heartbreak to mark my departure from the town? I remembered that mom had asked to get something from the grocery shop. I turned back and suddenly a strong light blinded me. Next instant, I was lying on the road, my own blood drawing into a pool around me, as I looked at men jump from the car that had just hit me. I heard the shouts and footsteps of people gathering around me as everything went dark.

I opened my eyes slowly. I was in the hospital, everything hurt. As I gathered energy to speak, I saw mom sitting next to my bed. Dad was outside the room talking to a doctor. On a bench barely visible from the corner of the glass window, she sat. And there was no doubt.

Rahul Jha




  1. You left the reader on the Middle of the dream, I want more. ;)

    Mercedes Modet · May 13, 12:09 PM · #

  2. I trust you to finish the dream :)

    Rahul · May 14, 04:37 PM · #

  3. Beautifully said! May all your wishes come true! Please, continue writing the culmination of the story!

    top works writing assistants 4me · Feb 9, 09:31 AM · #

  4. Well, I really like this story, but it seems to have no culmination or something like that! Will you end the essay?

    check this link to have your essay proofread by us · Mar 16, 07:14 AM · #