Poetry Exercise 5: Mixed feet

Aug 28, 10:50 AM

Two quatrains of standard, eight-syllable iambic tetrameter:

The sounds I hear are manifold
some new to my young ears, some old
one voice easily is heard,
amidst the cacaphony yet

a little bird in trees somewhere
now sings in sweetest voice, hear
the melody caress the wind
and break the noise with silence now.

Two quatrains of alternating iambic tetrameter and trimeter:

and now inside, the sound of fan
that goes in endless rounds
and doing so it may be shows
the endless circles of life.

I tried to live without a shell
but then as Moz did say
I like himself, was bored before began
the rounds of life my own.

Two quatrains of trochaic tetrameter:

Singing shows are running ever on
with no pause except in breaks
which again will carry proudly
ads for other talent shows!

wish I knew when I was little
that talent could be found so cheap
leaving books and notes and chapters
finding talents I would choose.

Rahul Jha