Poetry Exercise 4: Weak endings, trochaic and pyrrhic subtitutions

Aug 28, 10:30 AM

I was able to make quite a bit of progress over the 10 day long trip to my village(probably because I left my laptop back home). Here’s exercise 4; I scored 78, slightly off Stephen’s 106, but respectable I guess. You get 5 points for trochaic/pyrrhic subtitution, 2 for enjambments and 2 for feminine endings. The quality of verse is quite dismal though. I took inspiration, as you’ll no doubt notice, from a tech magazine.

Google has now a car that scans the road
and makes a map of whatever it encounters
announce as if life depends on that
but remember warned you were by his highness

Facebook is causing trouble, mayhem, and
concern amidst a growing population

all passwords have been dropped by dropbox now
a massive glitch in system causes this today

studies reveal usage of web by us
inhabitants of a slow nation, still
we ask to be forgiven day and night.

Apple has got its multi touch in patent
only a matter that concerns the rich

a case that was a landmark case, was lost
by microsoft today or may be not

This is the last of lines to be composed.

Rahul Jha