Poetry exercise 2: Iambic Pentameter

Mar 23, 12:40 PM

ast night, I decided to start again on The Ode Less Travelled. It’s a great book by Stephen Fry on prosody.

The first exercise asks you to write 20 lines in the iambic pentameter, here are mine. It’s funny what sort of stuff comes out when you’re thinking only about the meter.

So fast I ran behind the cop, at last,
he fell to ground exploding with a blast

I think to self a difficult thought and then,
for timing music turn to clocks a far

Purchasing air is hardly nice in town,
but prices have to fall in during spring

A sad and cold and circular guitar

I can’t decide supreme advance in time

The best of lot are stupid brats indeed,
and taking turns they clap to songs of war

Atonement seems so hard to grasp because,
I hardly ever listened in grammar class

The wind the same, so are the lights in town,
the same is him in tears and dressing gown

Forget the battles you once pursued with him,
and steal his favorite cookie at lunch today!

The rain is falling hard on me this night

The dragon was defeated now at last

His face became a tragic form because,
a fly was trapped inside his nostrils now

Be brave, be strong against the hardships son,
it takes a while to forget sissy men

Rahul Jha