On mornings in Bangalore

May 21, 02:53 AM

I wrote a novel, it’s here.

edit: There are other formats if you prefer: PDF, ePub, mobi

I learnt about Nanowrimo in 2010 and had told many friends since then that I wanted to participate (you know who you are). But november, the usual month for Nanowrimo, is a bad time for me in terms of deadlines. I couldn’t ever bring myself to write the necessary 50,000 words. This year though, they had CampNanowrimo in July: a low anxiety Nanowrimo where you could choose your word limit. I decided to take the plunge with a modest goal of 10,000 words.

The idea for Mornings in Bangalore had been brewing in my mind for a while. I wanted to describe Bangalore, and I wanted to break a certain stereotype, which would hopefully be obvious to you a few pages into the novel. Surprisingly, and unintentionally, I actually ended up breaking through a huge stereotype of my own as well.

I didn’t end up putting in a lot of mornings, but there’s a lot of Bangalore. There are still passages in there that I absolutely hate, but I realized that at some point I have to stop editing and throw it out in the open. So there it is, my first novel. If you do manage to get through the whole thing, I’d love to get some feedback, even if you think it’s absolutely rubbish!


Rahul Jha




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