On Love

Dec 2, 08:38 PM

uch has been said and written about the topic of love. The funny thing about love as a concept—and I refer to romantic love—is that it doesn’t seem to mean anything at all. The closest definition I’ve been able to come up with is, “what people feel when they’re in love”. It seems to be purely a state of mind: people are in love when they think they are in love, and that’s about it. “I am in love with Julia”, says one to his friend. “But why?”, asks the friend, only to receive a blank stare or an incoherent reply. What is it that makes us fall in love? Physical attraction, emotional bonding, chemistry? Is it all of those things? Or something else is at work?

There is reason to believe that it depends, at least to a certain extent, on fate. Chance attractions of the following sort: someone’s wearing a dress that makes them look perfect TO YOU in the lighting of the particular art gallery they happen to meet you in. It’s possible that you fall in love immediately, confirm an already strong judgment with a series of observations, and eventually convince yourself—and possibly her—that this is “it”. It is also possible that you will believe it, without ever doubting your reasons, for the rest of your quite happy life.

Then there are the cultural influences. Movies you saw, poems you read, songs you heard. I once read somewhere, “Nobody would fall in love if they hadn’t ever heard or read about it.”, or something to that effect. I’ve certainly been there, trying to find my perfectly staged bollywood style romances in the humdrum circumstances of everyday life. So have many others that I know.

It’s curious how such an important force in our lives escapes all definitions. If you could explain and define the whole process, if we can call it one, it’ll probably make many lives much more simpler. But arguably, it will also take a certain charm out of those very lives. The great thing about love is that whatever it is, might happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It adds a sense of mystery and suspense to our everyday lives that seems to be, at least every once a while, full of boring chores. And everyone likes a good mystery after all.

Rahul Jha




  1. The very essence of romance is uncertainty, so said Oscar Wilde.

    Dot. · Dec 3, 03:47 AM · #

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