Marrying a framework

Apr 12, 10:10 AM

‘ve realized one fundamental truth about software design. Choosing a programming language/framework is just a subjective choice. Really. It’s just about what feels right. Programmers hate to be subjective, so they tend to build up endless arguments about why what they’ve chosen is better. They tend to make the whole deal look like choosing a car radio. But actually, It’s more like choosing a life partner. When you like someone, you just adore everything about them. Even when the same things may irritate the hell out of someone else. You just “like” them.

Step2 has been in need of a revamp for months now. There are a lot of things pending, but first of all, we need to move out of Drupal. Reason: It just assumes too much about how a website should be. Most of the times I find myself removing stuff than creating. That would actually be okey if it just didn’t take a freaking lot of time. Real reason: I hate PHP. It just feels suffocating. I just did a project in Python and it was pure bliss. And when it comes to implementation of Step2, I am the be all. So, python it is :)

Now there are a lot of python web frameworks to choose from, Django and Repoze.bfg are particularly interesting. I spent the weekend playing with both and decided Django to suit our purposes well. But there was this little doubt lingering on?

What about RoR? Isn’t that the framework of choice for the ubercool web developers of today? Isn’t Ruby the language for the new generation hackers? I’ve even had some experience with RoR while working on Fireeagle, so I know that it really is a pretty good candidate for building Step2.

Tough choice there. I spent hours searching the internet for comparisons between the two frameworks. RoR or Django? It drove me mad. Maintanence of Step2 will soon fall into other hands, and I was very anxious about taking a wrong call on this. At the end of the day though, I chose Django. Why? I could build up a list of arguments, but really, I just “like” python.

Rahul Jha




  1. Making a decision for a language/framework is one of the toughest decisions. The real problem starts when you are aware of a plenty of languages/frameworks and you are in a state of confusion on which one to use. Sometimes little knowledge turns out to be a boon. And you will end up exploring more about the only language and may come up with a better solution than the existing frameworks/languages unknown to you.

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