A New Chapter

Aug 20, 12:58 AM

Seasons change, and a new season of life has just begun for me. It’s been two days that I arrived at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for my MS in Computer Science. Things are settling a bit now, which has finally given me time to sit back and reflect on all that’s happening around me. I think the one most apparent feeling is that of being overwhelmed by the task that confronts me: starting over a new phase of my career in a completely new place. The challenges are numerous, but sometimes, with friends, hard things become easy, and tedium pleasure; I feel blessed to have a friend like Shiwali to help me out here, I’d be literally lost without her. Thanks so much, for everything.

Friends, family, loved ones back home: I am missing you all like crazy! But it is your love that also gives me the strength to stand up to great challenges that lie ahead. Not sure how often I’d be able to write on this blog now, but I’ll try my best. Signing off for now…

Love all and take care

Rahul Jha




  1. Awww… we miss you too :(
    “Not sure how often I’d be able to write on this blog now” as if were very frequent earlier :P

    Monika · Aug 20, 06:29 AM · #

  2. Ewww sentimental and stuff

    Akash · Aug 20, 07:01 AM · #

  3. This is total Bah.

    Kartikay · Aug 20, 09:04 AM · #

  4. I’m really going to miss the riot of posts this blog has seen since its inception.

    Neha D. · Aug 20, 11:39 AM · #

  5. :-/

    Rahul · Aug 20, 02:15 PM · #

  6. aww.. everybody is being mean to him.. Poor guy is crying himself to sleep every night thinking abt you guys!! And you are so mean. Tss tss!

    Monika · Aug 20, 02:19 PM · #

  7. All the best for your new journey ahead..:)

    — Kshitij G · Sep 20, 10:56 AM · #