"Tears in Rain" Wallpaper

Dec 15, 06:26 PM

ave been wanting to do a visual interpretation of the famous dialog from the Blade Runner ever since I heard it. Well here it is now. I am sure somebody with a better hang of the graphic design tools would be able to do a much better execution of the idea—and you’re certainly welcome to do so if you want—but we’ll have to do with this for now. Available on flickr in all sizes A few notes on how the final thing came out follow.

I started with just typing out the words on the canvas in an arrangement that made sense to me.

All those moments
  will be lost
     in time
like tears in rain

The shape of the text immediately suggested an hourglass to represent time. For the image of the hourglass, I wanted to use a good stock photo, but couldn’t find any that suited the purpose. So I had to revert to drawing an abstract representation of the hourglass myself.

For the text, my first instinct was to set it all in Helvetica, but it didn’t create the sort of mood I was going for. I eventually decided to choose a separate typeface for each group of words. The background was chosen to give a certain warmth to the picture.

Rahul Jha




  1. How did you find time to do this, haan?

    Kartikay · Dec 16, 04:24 AM · #

  2. Well two out of three exams are over, and last one’s a while away. Called for a short break!

    Rahul Jha · Dec 16, 03:45 PM · #

  3. love it.

    — Rohit bali · Feb 21, 01:45 AM · #

  4. I also prefer such a disposition of text. It is readable and unusual at the same time. A real example of postmodern art.

    paper writer · Jul 6, 08:04 AM · #